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Perform memory forensics to find the flags


Perform memory forensics to find the flags. If you are having trouble, maybe check out the volatility room first.


Please note: The size of the attached vmem file to download for each Task is large: 1.07 GB.

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Volatility wiki:


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1.I have understood the task and can continue to the questions!

A:no answer need


The forensic investigator on-site has performed the initial forensic analysis of John’s computer and handed you the memory dump he generated on the computer. As the secondary forensic investigator, it is up to you to find all the required information in the memory dump.

1.What is John’s password?



On arrival a picture was taken of the suspect’s machine, on it, you could see that John had a command prompt window open. The picture wasn’t very clear, sadly, and you could not see what John was doing in the command prompt window.

To complete your forensic timeline, you should also have a look at what other information you can find, when was the last time John turned off his computer?

1.When was the machine last shutdown?

A:2020–12–27 22:50:12

2.What did John write?



A common task of forensic investigators is looking for hidden partitions and encrypted files, as suspicion arose when TrueCrypt was found on the suspect’s machine and an encrypted partition was found. The interrogation did not yield any success in getting the passphrase from the suspect, however, it may be present in the memory dump obtained from the suspect’s computer.

1.What is the TrueCrypt passphrase?


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