Background Information:

  • server private key
  • confidential data like usernames, passwords and other personal information

Analysing the Bug

  • The server constructs a pointer(memory location) to the heartbeat record
  • It then copies the length of the data sent by a user into a variable(called payload)
  • The length of this data is unchecked
  • The server then allocates memory in the form of:
  • 1 + 2 + payload + padding(this can be maximum of 1 + 2 + 65535 + 16)
  • The server then creates another pointer(bp) to access this memory
  • The server then copies payload number of bytes from data sent by the user to the bp pointer
  • The server sends the data contained in the bp pointers to the user


  • The server needs to check that the length of the heartbeat message sent by the user isn’t 0
  • The server needs to check the the length doesn’t exceed the specified length of the variable that holds the data


Protecting Data In Transit:

  1. What is the flag?




CTF-PLAYER, security analyst, Pentesting, vapt, digital forensics

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CTF-PLAYER, security analyst, Pentesting, vapt, digital forensics

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