Tryhackme:CC: Ghidra


GHIDRA is a tool created by the NSA that allows the user to analyze binaries. It is well known for it’s incredible de compiler which converts the assembly in the binary to C.

Creating A New Project:

Once you’ve unzipped the ghidra folder and downloaded java, you should see a file structure similar to this.

Analyzing a Binary:

After creating a project, you will be greeted with a screen similar to this.

It’s your turn!:

In the previous task, we went through how to analyze a binary. Therefore to practice that skill, I have provided a binary for you to analyze yourself!

Miscellaneous operations:

While the previous tasks, have shown most of what you need to analyze binaries. There are still some tips and tricks that are useful to know.

Final Exam:

You should now be able to competently analyze a binary. Now is the chance to show your skills with this crackme! The final exam is the binary called final_exam.



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